If you have been in an auto accident and you hurt your back, you should first see a medical doctor to ensure you do not have a serious problem that would require surgery. If you do not, then you should see a chiropractor. Below is information about how this professional can help you with your back pain.

First Visit

When you first visit your chiropractor, they will talk with you about what exactly happened, such as how your vehicle was hit during the accident. This can help the chiropractor know how the damage happened to your back. 

The chiropractor will also ask you to show them where you are hurting is. The professional may have you stand and bend over to see if you feel more or less pain. The chiropractor may ask you to move in different ways. This will help them determine where the pain is coming from so they can better treat it. The chiropractor may do X-rays to further help them diagnose your back pain.

While you are there, the chiropractor will talk to you about nutrition that can help with your back, the proper way to sit, using ergonomic desk equipment, and much more.

Back Pain Treatment

One of the most common types of treatment used for back pain by a chiropractor is spinal manipulation. Because you are feeling pain your spine may not be in alignment. With spinal manipulation, the chiropractor will ask you to lay on a table. They will then lift your shirt to gain access to your back. The doctor may also ask you to put on a hospital gown.

The chiropractor uses their hands to manipulate your spine. You may feel some pain during this treatment, but the chiropractor will ask you during the treatment how much pain you are feeling. If the pain gets too bad, the chiropractor will stop treatment for the day.

You will likely need to come back for the spinal manipulation treatment for a few visits before your back pain goes away completely. The chiropractor may also suggest massage therapy either by their office or by a licensed massage therapist.

Your chiropractor can give you much more information about this. They can also give you a lot of information about how to keep your back healthy in the future, such as eating the right foods and exercises you can do to strengthen your back muscles. Contact a chiropractor today to learn more about auto injury chiropractic care.