If you're the parent of a teen in high school, you probably have enough to worry about without having to worry about dropping grades or illness and injury. Here are three ways that regular chiropractic visits can help your teen function better in classes and school activities.

1. Improving brain power

Have you ever noticed that stress can reduce brain power? It's true, and if you've ever been a high school student or seen a TV show about teenagers, you know that high school is probably the most stressful school experience your teen has ever had to date. Fortunately, chiropractic care can help reduce stressors (and results of stress) such as back pain, migraines, tense muscles, and more, allowing your teen to relax properly. Having regular chiropractic visits, then, can help reduce stress in your teen's life to free up brain power for use in classes.  

2. Reducing likelihood of athletic injuries

Both the chiropractic adjustments received at a regular visit and the stretches and other treatments prescribed by a chiropractor can help your teen keep his or her body in better shape so muscles and joints are stronger, more flexible, and less vulnerable to sports injuries caused by strain and overexertion.  

3. Reducing incidence of illnesses such as colds and flu

It's easy for teens to fall behind on homework when they're out of school sick for a day or two. Even a bad cold can really put a damper on their optimism and motivation, so keeping your teens healthy can do wonders for their academics. Although chiropractic care isn't the cure for the common cold, it can often allow easier recovery from illnesses such as colds and flu.

In fact, during the last great flu epidemic during World War One, hardly any flu patients under the care of chiropractors died compared to the thousands of flu patients who died under conventional medical care. This is a very practical example of how chiropractic care can boost immune power. Of course, a chiropractor appointment could help against not only colds and flu, but also other illnesses as well if given the change.  

These are just three of the ways that chiropractic care can keep your teen at the top of his or her game in academics, sports, and other school activities. Consider contacting a local chiropractor to learn more about the techniques they use to help your teen be happier and healthier.