If you have chronic lower back pain and your doctor has given you pain medications that you don't like to take, it may be time to try treating the problem alternatively. Trying out some different ways to improve your back pain that don't involve medication may give you the relief you need, and you won't be dependent on chemicals in medications that can be harmful to your body.

Not all options are going to work for all injuries and pain in patients. Here are a few different things you can try for the back pain that can help you find relief and improve your body.

Different Types of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help strengthen the muscles that support the back, relieving pain and preventing further injury. You can go into a traditional office like South Shore Wellness Center where they work on strengthening the back with weights and movements, or you can try aquatic therapy or stimulation therapy with ultrasonic techniques. The physical therapist will evaluate you and determine which therapy can deliver the best results. Along with therapy, stretching and yoga can be incorporated to increase flexibility. This relieves straining and tightness in the area of pain.

Massage Treatment

Massage therapy does more than help you get relief from the pain and tension in the area where your back hurts. The movements help open blood flow, allowing fresh blood to circulate to the affected areas to help improve any injuries or damages. The massage is going to relieve the muscles that have been struggling to support the injured area, and it will also help you relax during the time that you get the massage. This can be used after therapy or whenever you feel it's needed while treating your injury. You could have body aches all over that are related to your back pain.


Acupuncture professionals use needles to interfere with the pain messages traveling to your brain, so you don't feel the pain throughout your body. This can be used for your pain relief as you are strengthening and improving the area, until your body is healed and you no longer have pain you need to mask. Only use a certified professional when getting acupuncture treatments.

If your back pain is a constant problem and you don't like being dependent on pills to deal with the discomfort, it's time to try some of these possibilities. These are all alternative and beneficial for your health.