A concerning number of American adults suffer from severe migraines or headaches -- data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that nearly 22 percent of U.S. women experience this health issue, while 10 percent of men contend with it. Dealing with this pain can affect your overall quality of life in a variety of ways and leave you feeling that a solution is hopeless -- until now. If you haven't considered visiting your local chiropractor to help alleviate this pain, now is the time to make an appointment. Chiropractors can successfully reduce your discomfort through the careful manipulation of your neck. Here are three benefits of visiting the chiropractor to treat your headaches.

No Need For Medication

Many people suffer unnecessarily through headaches because they're concerned about using pain medication to treat the issue, and with good reason. Over-the-counter pain medication can cause side effects such as an upset stomach, while the side effects of prescription drugs are even more of a concern. These drugs can make you have trouble sleeping and cause anxiety and weight gain, while many are dangerous because it's possible to develop a dependency on them. Seeing the chiropractor for your headache doesn't involve the use of any form of medication, which means that you'll never be at risk of any of these bothersome or downright dangerous side effects.

Chiropractic Care Is Often Covered Under Your Health Plan

Staying home from work due to debilitating headaches can take money out of your money, but the same can't be said about visiting the chiropractor. Many health plans include coverage for chiropractic care, which means that your visits to help alleviate your headaches often won't cost you money. While the specifics of each health plan differ, some will even have the chiropractor's clinic bill the insurance company directly, which means that you won't be out of pocket even on a temporary basis.

Help With Lifestyle Changes

Another key benefit of visiting the chiropractor to seek help for your headache pain is that this health expert will often discuss a variety of lifestyle changes that you can implement to reduce your instances of headaches. Chiropractors have training in offering these suggestions that can greatly improve your quality of life. The list of things you'll likely discuss can include the importance of hydration in keeping headaches at bay, how the right exercises can reduce your headaches and how to use the right posture at work and while seated in general to avoid headaches.

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