If you've been suffering from back pain that is impacting your enjoyment of day-to-day activities, seeking the care of a chiropractor is a step in the right direction. Through a healing approach that includes a physical assessment, a treatment regimen of adjustments and the recommendation of some specific stretches and exercises you can perform at home, your chiropractor can play an instrumental role in helping reduce or completely eliminate your back pain. Eager to get the healing process underway even before your first visit to the chiropractor? Here are three methods you can use.

Add Walking to Your Daily Routine

While you might not feel like much physical activity when your back is sore, taking a walk can often improve how you feel. Walking is a healthy way to reduce your back pain for a number of reasons. It helps to improve the range of motion for your tight muscles, which might be playing a role in your discomfort. It also helps to bolster your circulation, which is integral to the healing process. Also, during the exercise, your brain will release serotonin, which is known as a "happy chemical" that can help to elevate your emotional well-being. The result is that you'll feel better and will often be less aware of your back pain.

Avoid Long Periods of Sitting

Whether you're at home or at work, sitting for long stretches isn't doing any favors for your back pain. Staying in one position for a prolonged amount of time can cause muscle aches and keep your spine in a position that isn't healthy. Even something as simple as getting up and moving for one to two minutes every hour can be beneficial. Commit to a goal by setting your watch, creating an alert on your computer or downloading an app that provides an hourly reminder.

Attend a Yoga Class

Yoga is beneficial for managing back pain in a couple different ways. Of course, there are the physical benefits -- yoga can help to loosen muscles that are tight and sore, improve your range of motion and strengthen your postural muscles. Additionally, many people experience a reduction in their overall stress level by practicing yoga. Given that being stressed can contribute to back pain, trying out this ancient practice is worthwhile. Remember that the poses you attempt should never worsen your pain -- make sure to never push yourself beyond the point of comfort.

If you have any questions about what else you can do to help relieve your back pain, consider speaking to a chiropractor, such as Gehrig Family Chiropractic Center, to discuss possible options.