Dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome can mean going through life feeling as if you are moving at a snail's pace. The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are feelings of exhaustion and lethargy that cannot be explained by other medical issues. There is no medical cure for chronic fatigue syndrome but there are medicines and treatments that can be prescribed to help alleviate the symptoms. Unfortunately, everyone's reaction to medication doesn't work well and there is sometimes a risk of medication causing further complications. If you would prefer to have holistic treatments, here are some of the ways to help with chronic fatigue syndrome without taking prescriptions.

Acupuncture treatments

Acupuncture has long been sought out as a treatment for issues from nausea to major pain in the limbs. Going through acupuncture requires getting needle pricks with a specialized needle from a certified acupuncture therapist. With chronic fatigue often comes swelling of the lymph nodes and muscle issues. Acupuncture can help with some of the pain the chronic fatigue sufferers may feel in the joints due to the exhaustion the disease causes. Going through constant rounds of acupuncture can help produce a better feeling in the body for those who have chronic fatigue.

B-complex and iodine

Taking a b-complex vitamin is one of the best ways for everyone to receive a little boost of energy. Vitamin b-12 is often thought of as a source of energy, however, the entire b-complex is a better bet, as your body receives more benefits from the entire water soluble complex. Taking a b-complex each day in the morning in place of coffee can give a good boost of energy in a healthy manner. Another vitamin that you will want to increase your dosage of is iodine. Those who have iodine deficiencies will often notice a lack of energy and a feeling of sluggishness. Speak with your doctor about your current iodine levels and ask how much iodine dosage can help you. Increasing iodine will increase the pep in your step each day.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Though chronic fatigue syndrome is accepted as a physical illness, some suffers may benefit from going through the therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy was created for those who suffer from depression and depression sufferers often feel some of the same physical symptoms as those who have chronic fatigue. Behavioral therapy focuses on actionable solutions for helping to relieve stress and other factors in your life that can contribute to fatigue. By building better thoughts and habits, you can see a decrease in the overall pervasiveness of some of the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

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