Back pain has a myriad of causes, but many people struggle with it because of simple daily habits and influences. If your back has been hurting you lately, you can try some simple fixes to help reduce your discomfort. 

1. Visit your local chiropractor.

Most people suffer needlessly with back pain when it could be fixed by chiropractic care. Discomfort can be caused by your neck, hips, and back being out of alignment. A simple adjustment takes little time, and it can make a world of difference, even when you have persistent pain. 

2. Do some back and core strengthening exercises.

Back pain can be an indicator that your body needs more strength. When your back muscles and core are weak, sitting up straight and standing tall without slouching can be more challenging. Poor posture puts more pressure on your spine and can make back pain worse.

Core exercises that can help with back pain include regular planks and side planks. You can do planks from your knees at first if you can't hold one from your toes. You can do straight leg raises and do bird-dog exercises while trying to stabilize your core as your raise and lower one hand and one leg at a time while on your hands and knees. Glute bridges can help strengthen your hips and lower back. 

3. Spend more time standing with good posture. 

Sitting down may feel good, but too much sitting or lying down can make back pain much, much worse. Practice standing more during the day, talking a short walk around the block, or standing to do things that you would normally do sitting down. When you are standing, make a conscious effort to bring your shoulders back and flex your stomach muscles so that you aren't slouching. Soon, standing with good posture will be second nature to you. 

4. Try a new sleeping position.

Finally, the way you sleep can affect your back. If you sleep on your stomach, try lying down on your back to sleep. You might even take more pressure off your back by placing a small pillow under your knees for sleep. If you're a side sleeper, make sure you have a pillow that keeps your head in proper alignment with the rest of your spine. Put a pillow between your legs to keep your low back aligned as well.

For more information, contact a chiropractor near you.